1. 27.12.17

    Amur Tiger

    We are sad to announce that our Amur tiger Bela passed away on Tuesday 19th December.

  2. 19.12.17

    Delight at conservation success

    Blair Drummond Safari Park visitors have donated a record-breaking sum of money which will be used to support animal conservation projects around the world.

  3. Loo of the Year visitor attraction

    Blair Drummond wins Loo of the Year

    The toilet facilities at the Safari Park scoop national award with the highest possible rating for cleanliness. 

  4. accessible tourism

    We're in the Guide!

    Blair Drummond Safari Park features in new accessible tourism guide.

  5. Chimpanzee Blair Drummond Safari Park

    Blossom the Chimpanzee

    Blossom, the matriarch of our chimpanzee group, died as a result of old age on Friday 11th November.  

  6. 17.11.17

    Safari School 2018

    Enter the ultimate living classroom

  7. 1.11.17

    Bella Passes Away

    We are saddened to announce that Bella, our eldest California sea lion has died.

  8. Blair Drummond Safari Park boat ride

    Top Tourism Award

    Blair Drummond Safari Park has been shortlisted in two categories at the Scottish Thistle Awards.

  9. 6.10.17

    Stirling Monopoly

    Blair Drummond Safari Park features on new edition of the world’s favourite board game

  10. 25.09.17

    Lowering our carbon footprint

    Staff at Blair Drummond Safari Park have taken steps to reduce exhaust emissions by ‘carbon cleaning’ the Keeper vehicles and the Safari Bus.

  11. 15.09.17

    Name the Meerkats

    Visit us on Facebook for your chance to name our baby meerkats.

  12. 24.08.17

    Changing Places Toilet

    Blair Drummond leads the way with new facilities.

  13. 14.08.17

    Superheroes and Lemurs

    Find out what happened at our annual Superhero and Lemur Weekend.

  14. 3.07.17

    Proud Primates

    Springtime baby boom 

  15. 2.07.17

    Passing of Genghis

    With much sadness we say farewell to Genghis 

  16. 27.06.17

    Sea lion Internship

    Applications now open for the position of: Unpaid Internship 

  17. 5.06.17

    Dream night at the Safari Park!

    Blair Drummond hosts "Dreamnight" 2017

  18. 14.05.17

    Stirling Scottish Marathon

    We’re delighted to host the start of the first ever Stirling Marathon

    21st May 2017 at 9am.

  19. 5.04.17

    Major surgery for our Sea lion.

    Bella receives veterinary attention to help her vision

  20. 17.03.17

    The Big Spring Clean

    Spring cleaning in the Sea lion department