World Rhino Day

23 September 2015

Celebrating Rhinos on World Rhino Day.

World Rhino Day, an international event held on 22nd September each year, is a time where conservationists and fundraisers work hard to raise awareness, and try to stop the plight, of wild rhinos. This year staff and volunteers at Blair Drummond Safari Park hosted a rhino-sized weekend of fun activities.

We were excited to draw our Rhino Raffle, lucky winners shared some awesome prizes including a rhino sculpture, rhino experiences, books, park membership, rhino adoptions, toys and other donations. In total we raised just short of £2000 to help wild rhinos. There are currently 5 species of rhino existing in the wild- 3 of which are classed as critically endangered by IUCN. Rhinos are currently targeted by the demand of rhino horn in Traditional Chinese Medicines, trophy hunting and habitat destruction. Every penny that Blair Drummond visitors donate, will go directly to Save the Rhino International and OSCAP- two rhino charities working to protect the species in their natural habitats.

Blair Drummond’s 'crash' of White Rhino are currently members of the European Breeding Programme who will help build a stronghold of captive individuals for the worst-case scenario of wild extinction.