Zealous Zebras Move House

19 June 2019

It's moving day for our zebras Tanu and Spot

It’s well known that moving house can be stressful, but for our naughty zebras it’s been a long-overdue move. Tanu and Spot had been living in the African section of our Drive-thru, but after regular reports of bad behaviour, their living arrangements were under review.

As well as stealing food from other animals, the striped partners in crime had been chasing the rhino and generally terrorising the local neighbourhood! The decision was taken to move the terrible two in with the giraffes. 

In the wild, giraffe and zebra regularly travel together, the long-necked giraffes acting as a handy lookouts for the zebras. It was hoped that the giraffe might have a calming effect on Tanu and Spot. 

The big move took place on the 13th June, under the supervision of our veterinary team. With their hooves neatly trimmed and a full health-check completed, the two friends were released into a sectioned-off area of the giraffe enclosure, where they could get used to their new surroundings.

It’s hoped that Tanu and Spot will now live together with the giraffe and ostrich permanently. But of course, this will depend on how they behave, and what the new neighbours think.

Sheila Walker, our Animal Collections Manager said: 

“So far, the zebras seem to have settled well into their new home and the giraffes have been very interested in their new housemates. Let’s hope the domestic harmony continues!”


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