Zebra Pedicure

21 August 2015

Melton has a pedicure and dental examination

 As part of the daily inspection of their animals, keepers at Blair Drummond Safari Park noticed that it was time of a little TLC for one of its residents. Melton, one of the three Grant's Zebra resident at the park was having a little trouble eating so it was time for a dental inspection, and whilst he was under anaesthetic, time for a pedicure, too! The park's zebras are not so easily handled, so the Melton was darted in African reserve which he shares with Kudu, Eland, Letwe, Rhino and ankole cattle. Staff and Vets were then able to administer veterinary care to him once he was fully sedated.

Vet Paddy Day said:

“It was necessary to sedate Melton to assess his overgrown hooves because eventually they would interfere with his normal movement and comfort. We noticed that his incisors were starting to curl so it was necessary to flatten them so that movement of the jaw was not restricted. Whilst under sedation we also carried out a general clinical examination, this included taking blood for health screening and a dental check.”

Melton was given another drug to revive him and he was soon back on his hooves, munching grass with his two other zebra friends, Tanu and Spot.