Learning Resources

We provide free resources to help make your visit to the Safari Park more fun, focused and educational.

Pupil handout

This handy resource has been specially designed for school visits to Blair Drummond Safari Park and can be printed in either full colour or black and white.

It includes fun activities which will help children identify the animals at the park, explore their surroundings and encourage discussion on sustainability.

Our pupil handout is intended to be flexible and contains activities suitable for school pupils at early, first and second level.

PDF icon  Pupils Handouts (Colour)

PDF icon  Pupils Handouts (Black and white)

Teacher’s notes

The teachers notes provide you with arrival instructions, safety notes, timetable and a map.  

They’ll be useful to help plan your visit and we recommend that you print these and have them with you on the day of the visit.

PDF icon  Teachers Notes (Colour)

PDF icon  Teachers Notes (Black and white)

Drive-thru notes

Our drive-thru reserves are one of the highlights of a class visit to Blair Drummond.

PDF icon  Drive Through Reservers (Colour)

PDF icon  Drive Through Reservers (Black and white) 

These notes will provide you with a quick guide to the animals that you will find in this section of the Safari Park.  These will help you identify the species as you’re driving through the reserves and provide interesting snippets of information about each animal. 

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