Baby macaque born at Blair Drummond

26 June 2018

Baby macaque makes first appearance at Scottish safari park

A baby macaque born at Blair Drummond Safari Park at the start of June has been exploring his reserve much to the delight of visitors.  

The baby, named Calvay after an island in the Outer Hebrides, is one of 29 Barbary macaques at Blair Drummond.  He is remaining close to his mother, and has free access to a large indoor enclosure and an outside reserve.  

The Barbary macaques at Blair Drummond were a semi-wild population living in Gibraltar.  They were moved to the Safari Park in 2015 after their expanding population had begun to cause problems for local residents.

Blair Drummond's Macaque Drive-Thru is the only experience of its kind in Scotland and allows visitors to drive their car through the five-acre Barbary macaque reserve and get up close to these inquisitive animals. 

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