Double trouble in the meerkat enclosure

8 August 2019

Meet our latest adorable arrivals 

What’s better than a baby meerkat? Two baby meerkats! Only a month old, our latest arrivals have already become celebrities in the local press, and it’s not hard to see their star quality! Born in their underground burrow, the two pups have just started to emerge and explore their surroundings. And whilst they’re already quite a handful for their long-suffering Mum, the rest of the meerkat gang are on hand to help. 

In the wild, meerkats live communally and share the parenting of young, so, even though these two are already quite a handful for their Mum, help is always at paw when it comes to the baby-sitting!

Head keeper Lisa Smith is thrilled with their progress:

“The two new arrivals are still incredibly little, but have now emerged from their den and are actively exploring their habitat. Visitors have been delighted at the opportunity to see them. No one is immune to their charms!”


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