First Eland Calf

22 August 2013

A three week old baby Eland calf has made its first public debut at Blair Drummond Safari Park.

The first one in 25 years!

The calf which was born on the 6th August to three year old mum Limba and five year Bud is the first  to born at the park for over 25 years.

Staff have called the female calf Nisbet after Scottish commonwealth high jumper hopeful Jayne Nisbet.

Park manager Gary Gilmour said calf Nisbet is doing really well and she is very  lively especially in the mornings, she was a bit of  a handful when we first let her out in the main reserve, as she seems to have no fear of other antelope or even the rhinos, but, mum and dad have been keeping a close eye on her and have been keeping her out of trouble.

Although she may be a bit  small just now, she still has a bit of growing to do and will grow up to 5 feet at her shoulder and can weigh up to 500kg,,although this weight makes eland one of the  slowest antelope, they are great high jumpers, with young eland know to jump a fence over 3 metres high from a standstill!