New Arrival at Safari Park

13 March 2018

A rare Amur tiger called Hope has been successfully moved to Blair Drummond Safari Park.

A beautiful new Amur tiger has arrived at Blair Drummond Safari Park and visitors might be lucky enough to catch a first glimpse of her this weekend.

The tiger, a three year-old female called ‘Hope’ has come to Blair Drummond from The Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster. She was one of a litter of three tiger cubs born in 2015 at the South Yorkshire park.  Tigers are territorial and would naturally live by themselves, so Hope had been in a separate enclosure for some time, in preparation for her permanent move to a new home.    

Park Manager Gary Gilmour comments:

We’re delighted to have Hope at Blair Drummond. She arrived on Friday evening and spent the weekend getting used to her new surroundings and exploring her enclosure.

She’s a very beautiful tiger and we expect her arrival will be a huge draw.   

Visitors will be able to get a fantastic view of Hope and her enclosure from our tiger viewing platform throughout the season and they can discover more about this rare subspecies in a special Meet the Keeper talk, which takes place every day at 2:00pm.

The Amur (or Siberian) tiger is a rare sub-species native to the Russian Far East and China. They are used to the cold weather and have a long, thick coat around their neck and paws. The Amur tiger is the largest and heaviest living cat in the world, measuring 10ft long from nose to tail and weighing as much as three grown men.

Blair Drummond has a specialised tiger enclosure which includes a large man-made pool for the tiger to swim in. The Safari Park’s previous tiger, 15-year-old Bela, died in December.  

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