Proud Primates

3 July 2017

Springtime baby boom 

Cuteness alert! We’ve got some incredibly proud primates who wish to show off their babies and so our keepers have been busy taking their pics.

Three Barbary macaques have been born in the past eight weeks, all named after Scottish Islands; Barra, Bute and Bressay. All are full of mischief and are playing with the other juveniles, learning all the social skills needed to grow up in our troop – you can see them in our macaque drive through reserve.


We’re also delighted that after successfully rearing a single baby last year, Manja is rearing twins. The Red ruffed lemur twins, named Niiro and Mena, are becoming bolder every day and enjoy playing with their big sister Rua. They will be an important addition to the Studbook and we are proud they will be contributing to the conservation of this critically endangered primate.

And for their wild counterparts…. we’re working with Barbary Macaque Awareness & Conservation to vanquish the Moroccan Barbary Macaque "photo-prop" trade through the education of local people and contributing to the building of a wild animal rescue centre in Morocco.

We’re planting over 600 trees with Treemad to re-wild indigenous forests in Madagascar, improving management of natural resources and protecting endangered lemur species.

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