Stirling Scottish Marathon

14 May 2017

We’re delighted to host the start of the first ever Stirling Marathon

21st May 2017 at 9am.

The start of Stirling's first ever marathon is here at Blair Drummond Safari Park, inevitably there will be some disruptions and changes to our normal operating hours on the day.

The Safari Park will be open for normal business at 11am, once all the runners have set off and the road closures on our section of the route are lifted. 

For comprehensive details of the day, please visit the Stirling Scottish Marathon website. 

Legendary Liz McColgan testing the route at the safari park.

Some details you may need to know:-

The main road (A84) in and out of the park will be closed as part of the marathon course from 05:00 till 11am. The marathon starts at the park at 9am, there will be no parking or drop-off access to the start. All runners taking part will need to make use of the free shuttle buses that will be running from various collection points around Stirling. From the drop-off point, there is a short warm-up run past antelopes, llamas, monkeys and lions to the assembly area - give them a wave as you pass!. For bus timetables please click here

Please note: no spectators will be allowed at the start area due to the road closures in place, so we recommend that they find a good spot at the finish line where you can enjoy the entertainment, refreshments and food concessions as they wait to cheer the runners over the line.

We are open for normal business from 11am. 

The Stirling Scottish Marathon Route.

Best of luck to all runners, we are looking forward to welcoming you on Sunday.