Tigers Explore New Enclosure

27 February 2015

Tiger Ridge proves a grrrreat success

An exciting and much welcomed project this winter, has been moving our two resident Amur Tigers into their brand new enclosure. The new enclosure has been landscaped and made fit for the king of the jungle. Ghengis (20) and Bella (13) have now moved to ‘Tiger Ridge’, a rocky ridge complete with cave and waterfall, which takes pride of place in the centre of their new home. Visitors can now enjoy a vastly improved vantage point from where they can watch these beautiful cats.

Amur tigers are predominantly native to Russia’s Far East and China. They are found in the snowy mountainous regions where their thick fur helps them to insulate heat. It is thought that there are only 300-400 wild Amur tigers left in the wild. Scotland can become particularly cold at times, but it is nothing compared to the sub-zero temperatures that these animals would face in the wild.

We sedated the tigers to move them, this gave us chance to give the tigers a quick vet-check and take some bloods for a further heath check. The indoor facilities are vastly improved, it is our hope that in the future Blair Drummond will take a very active role in the endangered species breeding project for Amur tigers.

Visitors will be able to see Ghengis and Bella enjoying their new territory as of the 21st March, 2015.