What's been going on behind closed doors?

19 February 2016

Winter in a Scottish Safari Park!

It’s all go here at Blair Drummond Safari Park in preparation for the 2016 season - we open on March 19th!

Here’s a sneak peek at what has been going on over the winter months. Last autumn you might remember that we had to say goodbye to our beloved fort, but fear not - the new and improved fort is looking fantastic! Building has been ongoing since before Christmas with the team working hard to make it even more adventurous. The fort comprises of two massive towers, 7m by 7m squared, both reaching an impressive height of 10m. Are you brave enough to venture right to the top? Slides and rope bridges add the finishing touches to what is going to be an amazing new addition to the park - we can’t wait for all the kids (and “big kids”) to start exploring!

To further improve your experience as a visitor, the main shop has moved in to a new larger building (the old amusements barn) providing you with a vast array of wonderful new toys, trinkets and gifts to commemorate your day with us. Moving the shop from its original site has also enabled us to expand our restaurant; we can now fit an extra fifty seats to improve your comfort. A new and improved delicious menu will give you a chance of a relaxing breather before you continue your adventure around the Safari Park.

As well as new attractions, we have also had various four legged creatures join our Blair Drummond family. Pets Farm welcomed the lovely “Apple Blossom” a retired Clydesdale show horse whom we are sure will enjoy her comfortable life here. At 21 years old she will share Pets Farm with many of our other animals such as donkeys, Shetland ponies, pygmy goats and llamas! Her new friends were all very curious as she arrived and investigated her new enclosure.

Eight female Burmese Brow Antler Deer (also known as Eld’s Deer) have been transferred up from Chester Zoo to keep our one male company. We are sure he will be delighted! This Southeast Asian species of deer is listed as Endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, with populations continuously decreasing in the wild. The European Endangered Species breeding programme (EEP) recommended the transfer of our new arrivals as this will allow us to create a new breeding group to help safeguard captive Burmese Brow Antler deer populations.

Our herd of Axis deer has also grown. We got a cute snap of the youngest fawn sheltering in a cosy barn.

Come and visit all of our new attractions and animals soon – we reopen Saturday March 19th 2016!