Crowned Lemurs

Like all lemurs, Crowned Lemurs are endemic to Madagascar. Crowned Lemurs live in small groups of four to five in the most northern forests of Madagascar. They are easily recognizable by the orange and black tufts of fur on the top of their heads that look a bit like crowns. These small and colourful lemurs feed on fruits and flowers and often raid plantations and farms to find them. Unfortunately, this often leads to them being hunted by humans and their population is decreasing rapidly. Their forest habitat is also being rapidly degraded and this is threatening all lemur species across Madagascar.



Scientific name
Eulemur coronatus
20 years
Fast facts
Lemur is Latin for 'spirit'
Lemurs are only found in Madagascar
Females are more dominant than males
They have nails instead of claws
A group of lemurs is called a conspiracy
Conservation status
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